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Servers | Dragongoserver | DGS has five 7d players now

2011-12-05 Expert: Robert M Gogo Rate: (5)  4 ratings

DGS has five 7d players now

On DGS one cannot start at 7d level and so it is nice to see five active 7d players.
Who will be the first 8d?

The top two of the five met recently: Mysterious 930150 (LVXUNHUA) won a close game against Yen-Wei Huang (ywhuang).
His score jumped to 7.21 - smallest possible lead over ywhuang 7.20, but ywhuang is in the lead with 7.29 over 7.27 today.

I posted their game here. You can enjoy not only a fierce fight but also a deep strategy :)

Source:, game  582913


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