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2011-04-21 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (5)  4 ratings

DGS Insei League results and commented game


Here is the deciding game, won by ywhuang, Insei League teacher (with my commentary). He was undefeated in all groups and showed impressive results

We will start new DGS League on May,1. Feel free to register.
Ywhuang and breakfast will be teaching again

More about ywhuang:

Yen-Wei Huang is an amateur AGA 7-dan Go player. He was born in
Taipei, Taiwan. He credits Li Jing-Hsun as one of his early Go
teachers, who also taught several famous professional Go players, such
as Cho U 9p and LinTzu Yuan 7p.

He plays in servers like KGS, DGS, OGS, etc. as ywhuang or as versatiler.

Below is a selected list of Yen-Wei's tournament results:
Oct 2006, 1st place: 11th Internet World Amateur Go Tournament, Ranked
Block 5d-1d
Sep 2007, 4th place: Chicago No-Handicap Tournament
Dec 2007, 1st place: KGS December Blitz KGS+ Tournament,
American/European daytime Open division
Sep 2009, quarterfinal: 14th Internet World Amateur Go Tournament,
Main Championship
July 2010, 1st place: 1st Wbaduk Online Tournament
Dec 2010, 1st place (perfect score): Korean-style Insei League on KGS,


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