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2009-08-30 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (5)  3 ratings

Alexander Popov vs Alexander Dinerchtein

I have 30 rated games in my DGS list right now. This was one of the first games I finished.
My opponent - "Nicks" is Alexander Popov, Russian 6-dan, who was one of the strongest Russian players between 1980-1990

It's usually bad to use Sanrensei for creating territory in early fuseki - this fuseki must be used for attacking!
Black made few slow moves, such as 19 and 21 and later he was not able to get any chances.

Moral: if you like territory, don't start from Sanrensei!


1kyu ( BJ ) 2009-08-31 01:08
Should be 5.6 not 4.6 ...sorry
1kyu ( GT ) 2009-08-31 01:08
Well Mok Jin Seok had games where he would make territory with the 3 star points. He would play the 5.5 to defend against the 3.6 approach. Then on the other side he would defend at the 4.6. But I think he gave up on this. I think he still makes box moyos.....but I think he actually fights too much and he will win the fights and still lose the game.

I think in the fuseki you dont want to give away where you are going to play. If white forces you to make territory with the 3 star points then its okay......but once you commit to something and the profit is not huge then the other player can just respond to your moves in the knowledge that all the response type moves are effecient.....while black will eventually run out of effective moves.

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