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2009-10-13 Expert: Robert M Gogo Rate: (5)  5 ratings

A peaceful game with a surprising result

First win in a rated even game against Alexander Dinerchteyn 3p on DGS!
Congratulations to  Yoshihara Kazuo.

Source:  http://www.dragongoserver.net, game  513489


2009-10-16 08:10
The game is different, so everything is possible here. You may check Shilba's results on DGS. He playes 4 stones stronger than in offline tournaments
No Idea
2009-10-16 09:10
L11 looks like a "winning" move for Black.
Maybe double kakari at upper right was a bit slack? Q13-R13 stones are too close to R10.
Also Black formation F17-F15-L16 was a bit thin but lately it was converted into clear points and white got only four points on top.
Just ideas. :)
fate in circles
2009-10-16 01:10
Funny, considering how Alex likes to bash japanese players in general :D

And now he gets beaten by a 5d japanese amateur...
2009-10-15 06:10
This game was strange. I don't know where did I make my mistakes. Any ideas?
1 dan ( BJ ) 2009-10-14 04:10
I remember you lost to catalin in the EGC....it involved this kobayashi formation. So you have some weakness here. Maybe you push too much against it.....I dont know.

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