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2010-08-19 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (4.8)  4 ratings

Insei League on DGS: A group results

All games in A group are finished. Here is the tournament table:

Igor Popov, 5d EGF from Russia and Filip van der Stappen, 5d EGF from Holland shared the first place both with 5-5 score.

We still have some unfinished games in lower groups, but it looks possible to finish them till September,1

We will start the new league on September, 1. Tournament rules and teachers will be unchanged.

Feel free to register!


Robert M Gogo
2010-09-14 07:09
That tournament table is now archived <a href="http://dgs.insei-league.com/league.php?l=A&month=6&year=2010">here</a>.

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