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Servers | Dragongoserver | Insei League on DGS - Autumn 2010 results

2010-12-30 Expert: Robert M Gogo Rate: (4)  1 ratings

Insei League on DGS - Autumn 2010 results

Autumn League has finished. In group A, the most surprising results could come from Vadim Havin whose rank was 2.5+ below all other players in the group. And they came - he won two even games. One is attached, enjoy!

Shilba won group A.
Dimka won group B after enjoying a "peace treaty" with Latnir.
urchin won group C but topazg was close behind.
GoCat won group D but Tanhil could make it harder for him.
And wambat won group E.

You can find complete results archived at  archive.
If you would like to play in Winter, registration is here.


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