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2012-06-05 Expert: Celebrir Rate: (5)  2 ratings

Uberdude defends OGS Kuksu

All the OGS title finals are played as best of 5 matches of the current titleholder vs. the winner of the tournament. The OGS Kuksu is a league tournament, which means that there are a champion division and some lower tiers. Each tournament cycle of a league tournament has only one round and the winner of the champion division gets the right to challenge the current titleholder, but everyone else can fight for a promotion into a higher tier until he finally reaches the champion division and can fight for the tournament trophy.

This time Elin played against Uberdude for the title. Uberdude is a 7d at OGS, but he doesn't claim this rank in reality. However, he concentrates very much and takes his time to think a lot on OGS and therefore there aren't much which can win against him. Elin had to make the same experience and the match was already decided after the third game with 3-0 in Uberdude's favor. But remember that OGS is a so called correspondence server and even if the later games of a title match are starting some days after the game before has started, normally all games are already running when the third game ends. Therefore Elin had two more chances to show that Uberdude isn't unbeatable. There were some great fights in this games but in the end Uberdude proved that he really deserves this title and wins with 5-0.

With this Uberdude still holds the OGS Kuksu, OGS Honinbo and OGS Meijin and waits for the next challengers. He currently plays the OGS Honinbo title match against gomad361 but the standing there is still 0-0. Will gomad361 be able to do better than Elin ? We'll see not to far in the future.

The game I want to show you is the second game of the OGS Kuksu title match were Elin got all four corners, but Uberdude started a good attack and killed one of Elins groups for the win. One of the things I like about Uberdude is that he comments the most of his games. I didn't delete them to show you how he thought about this game. Enjoy :)


1d ( GB ) 2012-07-31 03:07
Nice game, thank you for sharing. The comments are indeed very insightful =)
3d ( GB ) 2012-06-18 03:06
3k 2012-06-14 05:06
I agree, the comments are very interesting. Thanks!

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