Great Games You Can Play On the Internet

The best games to play on the internet aren’t just throwaway experiences only worth playing if there’s nothing to do. Just like the best PC games and some of the best free games, these online games aren’t just fun and entertaining, but they also won’t cost a dime.

Whether it’s your downtime, looking to relax on your tea break or looking for fun distraction, the best games on the internet are worth looking at. Note that some versions may be too old for compatibility with your smart device, but they are still fun to play.

Here are our picks:

World Series of Poker – Texas Hold’em Poker

This is arguably one of the best pokers, and best of all you can play it on your computer, smartphone or tablet. With one account, you play across different devices. This poker game is free, so best bet you won’t be charged anything to download or play it.

The game shows you a card game that looks much better than previous poker games so you don’t easily get bored. Ideally the best game to enhance your poker skills.

This game offers players a variety of interesting and excellent features to use. These include free chips every 4 hours, WSOP Bracelets and more. Easy to download and perfect for both novice and seasoned poker players.


Following the steps of the Doom Slayer and killing as many demons is one of the greatest first-person shooting games of all time. Walk into different rooms full of growling enemies, search for high-powered weapons to even the odds so you can return peace and order to the space station on Mars.

Although released sometime in the 90s, Doom is a gratifying game that still holds up in today’s time and enjoyed by fans across the world. A highly recommended game.


An exceptional numerical puzzle game that’s quite easy to understand yet difficult to master, and addictive too. You can either move up or down, left or right with the objective to identically-numbered and adjacent cards to stack on top of each other.

New titles come in with each turn, so you’ll need to stack your tiles or run the risk of losing space. Once the board is filled, the game is over and you’ll receive your score. Quite easy!

Catan Universe

Settlers of Catan has been widely renowned as your typical classic board game since its inception in 1995. Like other classic board games, it has made its way into the digital sphere with Catan Universe. A free to play game that slightly differs from the original game, allowing you to expand your settlements while collecting resources to win.

As a cross-platform game, it allows you switch among different devices, and you can also play against other players, even of they are using a different platform to yours. Although in-game purchases are available for expansions and other features, it’s a great board game to play, even from your phone.

A new and greatly enhanced Snake game, enjoyed by millions across the world. Just like the older Snake game you played on your Nokia phone; your goal is to become the longest snake. To grow, you need to absorb other slithers on your way.

If you break the record for the longest snake, you get to leave a message for other players to see.


These are just a few of some of the great games you can play on the internet. There are literally thousands of games available on the internet, many of which are free. These range from puzzles, adventures, action, casino games and loads more.

Among the best games on the internet today are online casino games. These have grown exponentially over the last couple of years because they allow players to win real money. Celebrities, athletes and more people are opting for online casinos because they can be played remotely without visiting built-up casinos, and with the potential to huge winnings. Sites like and others can give you expert advice and reviews on choosing the best playing platforms which offer safety, customer service, easy payouts and more.