Go is an enthralling game that requires some analysis from the player's end. For instance, if you've ever found yourself in a situation where you play well during a game but end up losing most times, then you must take advantage of the contents of this article. 

You may also have found yourself winning by massive points in the course of the game only to see everything ruined at the end because of a wrong move you made. My guess is you'd be wondering how everything got lost in very little time. Well, that's why you have to analyze the game to ensure that the errors aren't repeated.

Take out time to identify the mistake you made whilst playing

The aim of this step is to find the mistakes that triggered your loss and look for better ways of playing. Therefore, you must be on the lookout for positions that are good or bad for each side. 

It entails looking at what each side obtained during the game that resulted in a win or loss. For instance, an ideal time to assess a result is when one of the players takes Sente or plays away and this is a pointer that a sequence has ended.

Do well to establish a better sequence

This step follows the previous step. After finding out if a sequence is good or bad, do well to find moves that will ensure that a favorable outcome is reached. If a better move can't be found, then it is a hint that the mistake may have happened in the early stages of the game. 

For example, Kyu players will be hampered by the tactics of a local area if a strategic mistake was made earlier in the course of the game. Speaking of tactics, you can horn yours by playing similar games at to see if you can improve on your analytical thinking. Regardless, it's advisable to find a better variation of your game and then try to trace the moves that led to your being caught up at a point in the game.

Making conclusions are important

It's a no-brainer that proper implementation of the previous two steps will help you find some mistakes that were made. After this, do well to ask yourself some questions regarding the mistakes.

You'd have to carry out an assessment of why the new move you've adopted may be better than the previous move and vice versa as it could be ideal for a local area but not good enough globally. This question alongside others will go a long way in helping in the analysis of your game.

Allow a better and stronger player to review your game

There is a need for external contribution or an extra set of eyes. You should allow a more skilled player to help you in distinguishing the flow of the game although a weaker player can also offer you some knowledge and tips.

Stronger players will adopt a different approach in analyzing your game and will offer rational suggestions as they won't be aware of what triggered you to make such decisions in the course of the game.

This can also be done online as all you have to do is to send the game's SGF file which will then be returned with comments. There are some websites that also allow players to comment on games uploaded by others. Do well to leverage them.