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2011-02-12 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (5)  2 ratings

Interview with Tien, 9d on KGS

Source: Goama magazine, #147

Antti Tormanen (
Tien on KGS) is the current champion of Finland and one of the top members of the Korean-style Insei League on KGS

1. Do you plan to visit Japan or Korea and study Go as insei?

I do plan on going to Japan for a year or two to study as insei there, and am right now in the process of gathering funds for it. I'm also on the lookout for sponsors regarding this, but haven't had luck on that part so far. The earliest when I might be able to go would be next autumn, but it is not quite certain yet.

2. You shared the 1st place in January Insei League on KGS
(Supergroup). What do you think about this project?
A.D: http://insei-league.com/league.php?l=A&month=1&year=2011

I like the concept, and it also seems like the only more serious internet project of this kind. I believe a real-life league would be much more lively thanks to closer contact to the teachers and other students, but that is of course pretty much impossible for Europe right now. I do wonder, however, whether the league should be vitalized with a bigger number of participants to ensure that there's always games or lectures going on.

3. Few weeks ago you beat Catalin Taranu, 5p  in ETGC (Finland vs
Romania match). Tell us something about this game, please. I know, it
was reviewed by An Youngil, 8p during the Insei League lecture. His
opinion is interesting too
A.D: http://pandanet-igs.com/system/sgfs/49/original/CatalinT-Tienb.sgf?1294778862

I felt very creative at the time of the game, and played an opening that wasn't very much like what I usually do. My handling of the white framework was a bit questionable, and it might have been that Catalin got a slight lead there. I planned an all-in strategy to take profit while letting white build his framework even further, and then go for an invasion. We reasoned with An Youngil after the game that Catalin made the decisive mistake with the handling of that invasion, as I got an easy result by trading my corner group for the whole framework. All in all, there didn't seem to be many big mistakes for either player.

4. Only few of European top players are able to stay on KGS 9-dan
level, like you (Tien on KGS). Do you have any secret?

It's probably thanks to the fact that I don't play ranked games very often. I actually have a few secret KGS accounts, and I'm used to playing on 8d level with them!

5. Do you play on other Go servers, except KGS? If so, please share
your nicknames

I tried Tygem for a while, but didn't really like it. I do play from time to time on wbaduk, however - I'm adon 8D there.

6. You won the deciding game against Ilya Shikshin at the end of the
January Insei League. That time you used sanrensei fuseki, which is
rather rare nowadays. Do you use this fuseki often?
A.D: http://insei-league.com/goban.php?sgf=Tien_roln111_1296409697.sgf

I like experimenting with different fuseki, and sanrensei is one of my more favored ones as I like to play for frameworks and influence. You won't see me playing sanrensei all too often, however!

7. Can you please pass the test on sanrensei.info? What will it say?
Is sanrensei a good choice for you, according to this test?

Haha, seems like I should specialize in playing for sanrensei!

"Your score is 295 from 300
Takemiya-sensei! We're greatly honored that you came and visited our site! All of us learned the san-ren-sei fuseki from your books and games. Please show us more cosmic battles and exciting victories! We enjoy watching them a lot!"

8. I know, you have a Go blog. Can you introduce it? I am sure, many
of Goama readers will bookmark it

I created the blog Go of Ten (http://gooften.net/), Ten being a nickname of mine, last November. I use it to share my go-related thoughts and experiences to the world, striving for a style that will both entertain readers and give them something to think about. If the above-mentioned game against Catalin is of interest, I have also uploaded and commented it in more detail in my blog!

9. Which Go websites do you visit often and why?

My top two visited go websites are the Finnish go wiki of Suomigo (http://suomigo.net) and Sensei's library (http://senseis.xmp.net/). Suomigo I visit to keep up with Finnish go events, and Sensei's library I use for most go-related information. Other sites of interest to me are EuroGoTV (http://eurogotv.com/) for go news and tournament video relays, Korean-style insei league on KGS (http://insei-league.com/) for keeping up with what's happening in the insei league, and Life in 19 x 19 (http://www.lifein19x19.com/) for general go topics.


( AR ) 2011-02-12 07:02
He has 8 games..come on -.-
2011-02-12 06:02
By the way, Tien is KGS ranking #4, according to http://www.gokgs.com/top100.jsp
He is even higher than MilanMilan!

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