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Servers | KGS | An interview with Kim Seungryung, 9-dan (hemmy on KGS)


2009-09-20 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (4)  5 ratings

An interview with Kim Seungryung, 9-dan (hemmy on KGS)

Source: Goama magazine, #135

Q. Why did you decide to play on KGS when there are so many other
stronger go servers?
A. I want to play with people from the other countries and get in touch with them in English. It's a good way to improve the language

Q. Are you planning to offer internet lessons on KGS, or are you
playing for fun or relaxation?
A. I'm playing for my own relaxation, not to offer any lessons.

Q. Who was your strongest opponent on KGS?
A. I'm new on KGS so, I don't know who is strongest player here

Q. Will you invite other Korean professionals to play on KGS?
A. Most of Korean professional players have trouble using english so, it may be difficult to have them join KGS.

Q. What do you think about KGS interface, comparing to Cyberoro or
Tygem? Is it comfortable for you or not?
A. I wasn't comfortable at all, I think KGS system needs further improvement.
 I feel like I'm using 10 year old outdated baduk server.

Q. It's confirmed that "tartrate" on KGS is Kim Myungwan, 8p. He was
our KGS legend and crushed all our star players. He was almost
undefeated. What do you think about your current level? Are you
stronger than Kim and can you repeat his success on KGS?
A. I don't think it's easy to repeat his success.

Q. You were a titleholder few years ago. Do you still study hard for
winning a new title?
A. No, I don't study as hard as I once did before because I'm focusing on my career as a commentator. Also, I'm spending most of my time studying english.

Q. I have a database here, called BIgo Assistant. I searched for
"hemmy" ID and found games played by "hemmy" on IGS at the end of
90’s. I saw that hemmy beat some star players, including Cigar (Yoda
Norimoto) and jiin (Ryu Shikun) (You can check these games on
Was it your account?
A. Yes, it was mine, too. I was younger and stronger ^^

Q. Can you tell us your ID's on other servers, such as Tygem or Cyberoro?
A. I'm not playing anywhere else except KGS right now. My id's in other servers are no longer active

Q. Is it more difficult to play online than on a real board when you
can see your opponent?
A. Playing with live person on the board is a lot easier than playing online.

Q. I saw you as commentator on How do you think, can this
new game became popular outside of Korea?
A. If it becomes popular in Korea, then there is a possibility that it can spread to other countries.

Q. Most western players have very limited possibilities to train with the help of professionals, what would you recommend such players to do in order to improve their Go as much as possible?
A. I don't think you have to be trained by professionals to improve in baduk. I think the best way to improve your skill is to review games with other stronger players than you.


Karen Vardanyan
12 kyu ( AM ) 2018-09-02 11:09
2d ( LT ) 2009-10-06 04:10
Nice spam protection method.

I saw Kim live once. I got impression of a very pleasant person.
He was an arbitrator in 2007 world amateur championship in Korea. If that was realy him.

Didn't knew he is 9d then :)
2d ( LT ) 2009-10-06 04:10
hard problem indeed ^^
1d 2009-09-22 10:09
I've used IGS, KGS, oro, and tygem by now. in terms of clients, I gotta disagree with hemmy. I think most of his issues came from his lack of english knowledge. KGS has by far the easiest interface for review and general usage.

example: if you are watching a tygem game, you can't scroll backwards with the keyboard, you have to push an extra button and use your mouse to click back and forward to watch parts of the game you missed. this is ridiculously inconvenient if you're watching games online.

overall my conclusions are simply: KGS has the best functionality, but other servers have better graphics and extras (oro and tygem betting, the graphics for when you win and lose etc. KGS isn't about that, but that's fine.)
( KZ ) 2009-09-21 07:09
very easy question!(^_^)
1k ( VN ) 2009-09-21 03:09
But I don't have any stronger players to review my games with. FML.
10k 2009-09-20 09:09
i liked the statement about kgs most (10 yr outdated baduk server).

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