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2009-11-05 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (3.6)  8 ratings

An interview with "roln111",8-dan

Source: Goama magazine

Ilya Shikshin, 7-dan (Kazan city, Russia) is the European Champion-2007, you may know him well as “roln111” on KGS – he is one of the best players on this server. Few months ago he returned back from his 1-year long studying trip to Korea.


Q. You returned back to Russia fromKorea(after 1 year of studying Go) few months ago. Do you plan to visit Korea again, or will you concentrate on your university studies?


A. First I was planning to return back to Korea, but then I changed my mind, because I would have some problems with the university. So I decided to stay in Russia. (A.D: Ilya is learning history in his university)

Q. What do you think about the current Korean pro qualification system? Are you angry that your sister, Diana or me were allowed to become professionals in Korea, but you was not.


A. Its very difficult to become professional in Korea. Qualification system is really complicate. There are about 70 participants. They are divided into groups with 4 persons until there are 2 left. In the mean time yonguseng (insei) group A play pro with no handicap. Nevertheless I never dreamed to be professional unless I played as strong as professional.


Q. It’s easier to become pro in Japan. Would you like to try it in future?


A. I dont think Japanis a good alternative. Yes its easier to receive pro in there, but will you be able to win pro tournaments after that?

Q. You like to fight and we all know that you have very deep and accurate reading. Can you give us any advices on improving reading skills?


A. Well.. I know only one way to improve your reading skills. Its pretty easy - just solve problems as much as you can.

Q. Do you remember the longest combination you played in tournament game?


A. Yes I remember one. It was at the last round of the European Go Congress 2007. I played against Li Ting. She invaded into my moyo and cut some my stones. So there was a semiai. I had to find a way to win it. Eventually I managed to create ko and she didnt have any ko-threats. The variant contained about 30 moves and I spent a lot of time for it. Thus I was able to become the European champion. (A.D: We have this game with review in Go4Go collection)


Q. Your father wrote several Go books. Do you plan to produce some too?


A.  I didnt really think about writing go books. Its not an easy and payable work. Maybe one day I'd do it.

Q. Do you plan to teach Go offline in the Go school of your father in Kazan city?


A. I am still not sure about my future job. All I can say now is maybe.

Q. Do you think that nowadays in Europe we have too many people, who want to earn money by playing in Go tournaments? It’s a very hard task, right?


A. I dont think so. There are just several Asian players - its not too many. Compare to other kind of sports go is really unpopular.
I'd like to take part in the European tournaments myself but its not easy, because Russia is not so close to Europe.


Q. What do you think about the recent European Team Championship in Romania, which was won by Romania-1 team? Our team did not take part, but if we imagine it. Was it possible for our team to get the title?


A. I think our team with you, Surin, Lazarev and me would have a pretty good chance to win it. If I'm not mistaken Surin has a good score against Bajenaru, Lazarev is not weaker than Burzo and the result of pair Taranu, Pop vs you and me should be at least 1-1.

Q. Our standard question. What do you think about the current system of the European Championship?


A. I dont have any complaints about it


Q. You planned to take part in Kido cup in Germany and even bough the tickets. What happened later?


A. There was a problem at the airport in Moscow. Recently I received a new passport but I have a multiple Schengen visa in the former (old) one. That's what my flying company didnt like and they didnt permit me to check in.


Q. Did you get back the ticket fee?


A. I tried, but without success. It was the cheapest ticket – with big regulations. I lost 2 days and near 500$ in total – was very disappointed …

Q. How do you think, who is the strongest KGS player right now?


A. Well... I didnt really keep up with it, but maybe himountain. He is pretty strong.


Q. People are very curious, who is currently stronger – you or your sister (redrose on KGS). Do you often play with each other?


A. Actually we havent played training games since I was a child. But we met twice on the European Go Congress 2008 and the result was 1-1.



( RU ) 2010-12-09 09:12
Best Regards !!! Good Luck !!!!
5d ( PT ) 2010-08-07 10:08
congrats Ilya for winning the 54th european go congress!
4d ( RO ) 2009-11-06 12:11
Hmmm,very strange situation.I think in a match between Rusia and Romania anything can hapenn.I think a fair result would be 2-2.
2009-11-05 08:11
Special section -> European Go Congress 2007
15k ( RU ) 2009-11-05 04:11
Strange I can't find mentioned game with Li Ting on Go4Go. There are 4 games with Ilya and none of them was with Li Ting.

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