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2009-01-27 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (3)  1 ratings

An interview with "Solaris" for the "Goama" magazine

Cristian Pop is Romanian amateur 7 dan, and former insei. He is one of the strongest amateurs in Europe. You may know him as "Solaris" on KGS
More about Cristian: http://senseis.xmp.net/?CristianPop

1.You had outstanding results in WAGCs several times. What do you think
about this tournament? Is it a good idea to
create a supergroup or add more rounds, so the final results will have
less relation to SOS?

I don't know much about tournaments rules, but my impression about WAGC- there we play 8 rounds and usually 2 rounds are very tough ( with Asians representatives) , 2 let's say even ( with Americans, Europeans) and the rest very easy. Probably is normal to be this way, not sure. I would like, if possible, to meet all Asians representatives there or to have all rounds as tougher as possible, but for this probably we need a supergroup. To add more rounds probably is harder for organizers, need more days of tournament.

2.There are lot of Go teachers in Romania - you, Burzo, Florescu,
Bajenaru and others. How do you think, is it correct to call people
professionals, only because they make living by teaching Go?

Is a confusion here. When you earn the living money by teaching go, probably this is you profession so you can be called professional or maybe more correct teacher. But the confusion is between teaching and playing are 2 different things. Sure, to tech well you have to be strong enough to do it, stronger you are better you can teach. It is like we compare a math teacher with a mathematician - 2 different things. Can't be compared.
So, in Europe I prefer to call this people teachers, not professionals.

3.Do you agree that some amateurs can be better teachers than professionals?

I agree, and we can see a good example in Japan. Mr. Kikuchi who is a top amateur, have one of most successful go school from Japan. many of his students become professionals. And sure many more example are in Korea where many amateurs have schools and where their students become professionals.
I think to teach well you don't have to be very-very strong player. Need other qualities.

4.In several well-known professions it's necessary to prove your pro
status every 5 years. What do you think about using the same rule in
Professional Go Associations? This system will bring more money to
younger players.

I'm not the proper person to answer this question, is more an internal problem of Professional Go Associations. In my opinion this rule is a bit cruel to older professionals who will lose a part of their income. Sure they are weaker than younger professionals, but this is also older professionals merit. If they created a better generation of players they deserve respect and not only.

5.What do you think about the current EGC system? Is it necessary to change it?

I think so. too many strange things happened in the past years. US system looks most normal. 2 separated tournaments. One open and one championship between Europeans.

6.I also want to know your opinion on European Team Championship. I
never saw Romanian team attending it, so usually it's an easy
tournament for Russians.
Why is your team, which can be considered as the strongest team in
Europe ignore this event?

Is more a problem of federation. Our federation interest in this tournament was not so big, so they didn't tried too much to make a team. And for players, to attend a tournament on their own expenses and also to gain nothing , i mean money, is  hard. When our federation paid some travel expenses and gave the team some support (2-3 years ago in Bratislava ) we had a team at this tournament ( but there Russian team didn't come )  and we become European champions.

Source: gogame.info
Commented game: maru16 vs Solaris, KGS, 2003, review: Alexander Dinerchtein for Go4Go


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