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Servers | Dashn | Some secrets: WAGC-2008 winner on Dashn


2009-03-12 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (5)  1 ratings

Some secrets: WAGC-2008 winner on Dashn

He is one of the strongest players on Dashn - "seog'gamoni" or Ha Sangbon, 7-dan in real life. He is the former 1st class insei,
who won more than 20 amateurs tournaments in Korea and World Amateur Go Championship-2008 in Japan with the perfect 8-0 score. "seog'gamoni" has 70% winning score on Dashn as 7-dan.

White is Korean amateur player near 50 years old - Song Bonmin. He is a very good fighter and is able to crush star players sometimes. He is 5-dan in Korea, I think, and I never saw him winning any amateur tournaments.


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