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Servers | KGS | Can anyone beat Killall's [8d] record?

2009-05-31 Expert: Noth1ng Rate: (3.3)  3 ratings

Can anyone beat Killall's [8d] record?

Today Killall 8d extended his winning streak to 41 wins! The record is incredible and it's not over yet. He became 8d after defeating Hutoshi 7d four times in a row. Unfortunately we don't know much about Killall, he has Chinese client and I have never seen him chatting during or after the game. He started playing on KGS in July 2008 and didn’t attract any attention being a regular 6-7 dan player. But his recent performance aroused a lot of interest among KGS players. The only explanation I can find is that someone else is using his account. Well anyways he's now 8d and will challenge 8-9 dans, I wonder if he is able to maintain his winning record.

In this game okao 7d a strong conservative Japanese player tried an unorthodox fuseki starting in Tengen, but as we see Killall wasn't surprised at all winning the game in 84 moves.


2009-06-01 07:06
Easy win for W
( FR ) 2009-06-01 03:06
He talked in the first games of simple2009, saying he knew who it was. If he shared his account with him, it's not a surprise to see him win so many games.

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