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2011-09-27 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (3.8)  10 ratings

An interview with Andy Liu (bigbadwolf) - answers

Legendary "bigbadwolf" from KGS agreed to answer questions of readers. He is Andy Liu, AGA 9-dan, KGS 9-dan,  one of the best players of USA, who crushed lot of professionals before.
Starting from September,2011 he is an Insei League teacher.

Q.You have beaten many pro players, have you ever thought about becoming a professional player?

A. Thought, yes, aspired, no. 

Q.What is the most memorable game for you?

A. I attended a go school in Beijing during the summer of HS freshman year. My former Go teacher was close friends with Chang Hao, and kindly arranged for me a 2-stone teaching game at Chang Hao's apartment. 

Q. Who won that game?

A. I lost it

Q.How did you achieve the rank of KGS and AGA 9d? Did you just play and over the years achieve that rank, or did you study somewhere else? 

A. I studied under different teachers during different times, but playing helps the most. 

Q.Do you have any advice for players who wish to achieve a rank as strong as yours?

A. Sorry, no

Q.Bigbadwolf has not been active in R games for some time now. Will you be playing rated games again soon or are you using other aliases?

A. I cannot tell you my anonymous alia(s)

Q.What do you think about the idea of creating professional leagues in USA and Europe? 

A. Naturally, I would like to see professional leagues, but is it worth creating a league for less than 10 professionals?

Q.How do you think, who is currently the strongest one in USA?

A. I am not sure


Q.What do you think about the rules of selection US players for international events?

A. The selection process is quite fair I think


Q.You started to teach inseis in the Korean-style league on KGS. What do you think about this project?

A. The insei league is I believe the most successful teaching project on KGS, and possibly better than most American and European baduk academies


Q.We know that you like to play on Tygem. Do you have any favorite Tygem players?

A. I do not. 


Q.You will represent USA team on SportAccord tournament in China. What do you think about the chances of your team? What is your prediction of USA vs Europe match result?

A. I am quite familiar with the strengths of all the American and European representatives, and I believe USA has a slightly better chance. Against CKJT, I only hope that we may win a single game.


( US ) 2018-09-25 09:09
Wow what a bunch of a-holes. Not everyone likes to talk or text some people are rather shy. Andy was nice enough to do an interview and I thought he was funny and cute if not verbose. Plus he's extremely intelligent so why don't you all go practice your GO game ha you still won't beat him. WTF people show some f*ing humanity.
5k 2012-08-05 07:08
I really appreciated this interview. If you don't like the answers then you do not like the mind of a very strong player. I think this interview shows the humility and maturity required to be a top player. He refuses to engage in meaningless banter about "favorite players" and advice on how to get stronger. We all know how to get stronger at baduk: play and review your games and study hard. There is no need for Andy Liu to tell us the obvious.
15k ( TW ) 2011-12-21 10:12
Alright, I'll agree, this was not a good interview. But go easy on him. I have realized that I am blessed to be good at certain things, like talking to people, and bad at other things, like reading life and death scenarios. Give him a break, he tried and he failed.
( US ) 2011-10-08 06:10
I'm grateful that Gosensations got an interview from this person, but he's very bad at giving answers.

I understand not wanting to provide things like his other online names, but why not say a few words of advice for people that want to get better? Also he seems to give the shortest possible answers to many questions. The point of an interview is to get to know a person better. I've seen livelier responses from suspects at a police interrogation.

Andy Liu should remember that the reason he's able to compete in tournaments and give lessons for money is due to the fans of Go, most of which are casual players. I'd think someone in that position would make a little effort to present themselves in a good light. In the future, he might do better for himself to politely decline interviews if he doesn't have intentions of actually answering questions.
1k ( US ) 2011-10-02 06:10
Watching paint dry is more exciting than hearing what this guy has to say. Worst interview ever.

Bill hit the nail on the head.
4d ( AU ) 2011-09-30 06:09
Wait, I have one more question for him. Do you turn into a dickhead when you get to 9d?
2011-09-30 02:09
Is this a joke?
4d ( US ) 2011-09-29 05:09
Why even do the interview? This is awful
2k ( RU ) 2011-09-29 02:09
This is the least interesting interview I've read here on GoSensations.
( PT ) 2011-09-28 06:09
I heard bigbadwolf is playing on KGS as maynerd 9d
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