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2011-10-02 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (0)

September Insei League results

Tournament tables of the September League are in archive now:


1.breakfast 91 point
2. aguilar 88 

A group:
1.Wichmaster 111 (promoted to S)
2. WVoron 96  (promoted to S)

B group:
1.Koffein 117 (promoted to A)
2.mayeck 100 (promoted to A)

C group:
1.breakfast 100
2. BlackSky 92 (promoted to B)

D group:
1.breakfast 100
2.solaris 87

As usual we have cash prizes: USD 100 for the first place, USD 50 - for the second

Koffein (B group) won the special prize for the most active insei (biggest number of insei vs insei games): (Japanese tea set)
He played 34 insei vs insei games in September. Koffein was 3 games ahead of mayeck and 6 games ahead of Wichmaster

We will start October League in few hours and still have some vacant places - feel free to contact:


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