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2010-12-02 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (4.7)  3 ratings

ErgoProxy - European Yoo Changhyuk!

Javier Savolainen (ErgoProxy on KGS) won the November Superclass of the Insei League with impressive 12-1 score!
I like his Go style a lot. Powerful Go, simular to the style of his teacher - Yoo Changhyuk, 9p.
Here you can check one of his games with impressive attack and early resignation by his opponent

League news:
In December Ilya Shikshin (roln111 on KGS) will change Hwang
Inseong (crowis) on his teaching position. If you remember, Ilya was one of the main teachers in our project in the past.
Me, Natasha and Hwang are all quite peaceful and it's bad for students progress.
Ilya has very aggressive and attractive playing style and you can improve your fighting power a lot by playing with Ilya, European Champion-2010

Hwang Inseong will stay in our project too - he will make online reviews
Also, we will have another teacher - Ko Joyoung, 8p (Mandy on KGS).
She is young Korean female professional with good level of English. She will help us with game reviews of dan players.

An Younggil 8p and Kim Sungrae, 8p will give lectures as before

Our top group is full, but we still have few empty spots in B-D groups.
Feel free to join us, if your Go level is between 1d and 10k:

Also, if you are interested in getting room access (without the right of playing teaching games), contact me for details:


2010-12-07 12:12
In December we have few 6d-7d players in top group. It will be harder for ErgoProxy to win again, but we will see
4k ( PL ) 2010-12-06 07:12
White is only 1d, so there is very big difference in skill

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