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2011-10-08 Expert: Noth1ng Rate: (3.7)  11 ratings

kghin 8d way of play - never give up!

Confrontation between Firework 9d and kghin 8d ended after the game. People who constantly watch kghin 8d are well aware of his spirit - never give up! It's always amazing if a player forces kghin to resign. In this game Firework was far ahead after he killed b's groups, white got almost half of the board. The only way for white to lose was on time..and it happened. White was well ahead +20 points. It's no wonder Firework got very angry after the game:

Firework [9d]: why all the 9ds hate kghin
Firework [9d]: that's why he never get pro
Firework [9d]: and will never ever
Firework [9d]: caz he never resign
Firework [9d]: and always play ugly
Firework [9d]: he will never improve anymore
Firework [9d]: no, I will never play him again

Firework is very likely to be MilanMilan who used to say that kghin never resigns.  I still wonder why kghin plays this way, is it really fighting spirit or lack of manners or just childish behaviour?
You will never see a pro player continue playing if he's far behind, most likely he's just looking for a place to resign. It's a pity that you cannot respect your opponent, which often happens when playing online.


1d 2011-10-09 03:10
You guys are right, when Go becomes only about winning or losing. Do you think one can improve if he wins several games on time or opponent making blunder in the end game?
That was one of the reasons I stopped playing ranked games on KGS.

to tsq457
It would be much better for a football team to resign while the score is 0-3 then play to the end until it's 7-0 and a shame for a team. unfortunately there is no such rule in football.
2011-10-09 01:10
Yes, if you cannot win a winning game, no matter for what reason, just blame yourself.
1d ( MT ) 2011-10-09 01:10
I don't think that someone has the right to ask his opponent to give up. In any sport the winner has to pass the finish line.
How it would be to marathon, if the leader ask the race to be stopped because he has a certain distance in advance? How it would be to declare the winner of a football game before times runs out, just because one team has a big lead?
The same in 'go', don't blame the opponent, just cross the finish line and win by the rules.
I think is way worse to accuse the opponent that he does not give up, than to continue to play in a lost position.
2011-10-09 12:10
All 9d hate kghin?
One doesn't become a pro when playing ugly or rejecting to resign?
Is this true?
( PT ) 2011-10-08 05:10
Nice article.
It's true that kghin almost never resigns, but at least he accepts the result in the end (so sometimes we can see him losing by 40 points).
Anyway, truth be told, I am rather surprised by Firework's reaction.
Losing by time when we are ahead is quite common, and you can't fully blame your opponent for that.
2011-10-08 10:10
Time issues aside, theres another reason you often see such behavior online: it actually works! Go is a long game, and if played relatively fast, its quite possible that late blunders mess up the real result, even if one leads by dozens of points.

On Tygem I sometimes suffer 10-game streaks of such games (mid-dan level). I think this is weakness of the game itself - less interesting to play if the result is partly random anyway.
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