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One More Time: MilanMilan's remarks on kghin

Peter Liu 2p (MilanMilan 9d) made some more provocative remarks about kghin 8d (Chi Hin Chan).

That happened after MilanMilan lost yet another game to kghin by time (because of bad connection). You can see their game at the top: Black's play in the upper left corner was quite desperate, and after move 88 (White H10) the game seemed over. Yet, somehow, kghin managed to pull off a win.

Peter then called some of kghin's moves "illegal", and said that he was a "hopeless child" from Hong Kong who had "lost [his] spirit of a go player".

It should be noted that, as Peter explained, his comments were meant to be about kghin's Go, and obviously not about his life. Indeed, during the game, kghin actually added time (to compensate for the lag) to his opponent a few times, which was a kind gesture. Nevertheless, Peter insisted that the game was meaningless, and gave his own analyzes of kghin's Go future:

MilanMilan: his go career finished already

When asked to clarify this comment, Peter claimed that kghin's achievements were not impressive, since he has a "much better environment" to learn Go compared to the youth of Europe; in addition, kghin can take part in tournaments in Asia and has an 8-dan pro teacher.

Regarding kghin's achievement at the World Amateur Go Championship (4th place), MilanMilan declared that it "doesn't mean anything" for the same reasons: he had already been learning Go for eight years and has a good teacher; Thomas Debarre (from France) also took 4th place in the previous WAGC and that, in contrast, was a great achievement because he didn't have the same opportunities to play with professionals.

 In fact, MilanMilan claims that in Asia it should take three years "at most" to reach kghin's level. (Peter noted in passing that when he was 14 he could give kghin reverse komi...) He says that two years ago kghin had the chance to "be great", if he had done it right. But now he thinks that he will not improve much more, because "Go is a game about spirit".

As for the "illegal" moves kghin supposedly makes, MilanMilan says that we know they are "wrong" and "ugly" for an 8d. He stated that 9-dans don't make the same moves as kghin, and says that some of those moves are "very bad", but adds that kghin may not know that yet.

 Chi Hin Chan (kghin)


When asked why he picks on kghin in particular, Peter replied: "he is Chinese; I am more strict with him because I hope he can be great". On the one hand, he says that it's a matter of principle, and that kghin disappointed him. On the other hand, he seems to fear that kghin, just like many other young players with potential, could "become lost", and so he doesn't want to sound too harsh.

Indeed, Peter doesn't want to upset anyone: "I am not very strong, I also made mistakes, I want to win all my games... but I insist on my principle". 


1d ( TR ) 2012-07-07 06:07
i wish kghin will improve and beat mm easily not by time, such a brave boy
( HK ) 2012-07-05 06:07
Lee Sedol and some Korean pros always insist not to resign even their games seemed over. They still played for meaningless.
1k 2012-07-04 03:07
OMG. To shut up and play. You are just 2 dan profesional, stop criticizing others, you have not done anything professional, just get noticed among westerners.
3d 2012-07-02 10:07
Milanmilan is bad player... bad loser... sad...
Michael Brown
1d ( US ) 2012-07-02 01:07
I am a fan of Peter's, and what he says is true. Go is about spirit and if you lose your spirit you cannot improve much more. My dream is pro, however if I am to lose my Go spirit then I cannot improve. The same goes for any Go player that wishes to improve greatly. kghin still has potential, and the right environment...he can make it so long as he can apply himself more than what he has already. Yet, what do I know? I am only an amateur that seeks to improve ^-^
6d ( US ) 2012-07-01 11:07
I agree with all of Peter's statements/analysis.

However, they are only relevant if kghin wants to become pro or reach a higher level, which according to a WAGC interview is not his goal.

Basically Liu is saying that kghin is not a go prodigy, i.e. not at the level of Gu Li or Lee Sedol =).
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