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2012-06-26 Expert: DanielTom Rate: (4.8)  6 ratings

In Conversation with Artem Kachanovskyy 7D

Artem Kachanovskyy 7D is one of the strongest players in Europe. He is well known on KGS as artem92, and earlier this year he was 8d there.

Unfortunately, he has not played much online recently, and two days ago he was demoted to 6d after losing to ben00 6d... I asked Artem if that makes him the strongest KGS 6d ever, but he said "no way! :)".


The following was not intended to be an interview for publishing, but rather just a friendly conversation with Artem.

However, his reflections on his personal struggles were so interesting that I asked him permission to share them with GoSensations readers.

Luckily, he accepted!


(Slightly adapted to fit the format)

Artem Kachanovskyy:  It's a very nice thing to lose games. Won games are not so interesting :)

DT: I like your positive spirit...

AK: But of course, from the point of view of feeling, it's not comfortable to lose ... Anyway, it's nice to play on KGS. I have to say, it's not only Tygem that has strong players.

DT: Are you still 9d on Tygem?

AK: I am 8d there now. Lately I rarely play at all.

DT: Why so?

AK: I think you know it; the only thing needed to play is a wish. Every player knows this, I think.

Last year or so I started to feel tired of this fight. Most of the time, Go was like fighting for me... Winning, losing... Always trying to be better. I can't play like that anymore...

But when you play without the wish to win, then it's a totally different story.

DT: You have made it so far... Are you tired of the pressure?

AK: I don't feel like it's a good way, playing under pressure all the time. I think there is another way of playing... I am trying it, but so far the results are not always the best :)

I have always been thinking about this. When I was small, I noticed that the game likes honest people, that aren't about to eat the opponent to win the game. So, from a small age, I was already thinking how to play without the wish to win.

At first, I tried to tell myself that there is only the board, and there is no opponent... But still, that is like a fooling yourself.

 "I don't feel like it's a way, 

playing under pressure all the time... 

I can't play like that anymore"


DT: And how do you feel about the game now?

AK: It's difficult to say how I feel... I used to say that Go is all that I have, so I also used to spend a lot of time in Go. Now it's different; I try to play when I feel like playing, and play the way I feel...

DT: I see... But many people still see you as a big competitor, you know? They want to see you crowned champion of Europe!

AK: I know... Many people put high hopes on me (first of all, my parents).

From the point of view of the game, I feel like I'm getting better. But now I often play like without thinking, just from my feeling of the game, which is not always the best.

When I start to think pragmatically, usually it's easier to get a good position.

DT: Do you believe feeling is more important?

AK: I think both are important, and the best way is to play using them both. But who knows, probably feeling is also some kind of thinking. It is not obvious, when we talk about the game... What do you think?

DT: I can't say, but I think you are still experimenting and trying to find yourself, who you are in Go... I know you will do fine no matter what conclusion you arrive at.

AK: Thank you :)

DT: Thank you too for sharing all this with us!

AK: You're welcome.

DT: And best of luck with your journey... You will figure it all out.


3d ( UA ) 2012-11-07 12:11
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4k 2012-06-29 01:06
That's why I like non-professional (in sense of no sponsor money) competitions ??“ you can run into such an honest, unintentionally deep statements from time to time.
I hope he'll figure it all out.
7k ( RU ) 2012-06-28 11:06
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- 2012-06-27 10:06
Maybe Artem is looking for something like this (quote from Sensei's library): "It is often said Shuei played no unreasonable moves. His games flowed smoothly, and that was because he stressed balance. This is why later players call him the Meijin of Meijins. He played quickly and appeared not to think even in positions that others though difficult. One senior player said HE JUST LOOKED FOR THE MIAI. If the opponent played one he just played the other, without thinking, but in such a way as to create two other good points."
( SE ) 2012-06-26 07:06
it might be slightly inappropriate but i always like to hear stronger players say these things. i think everyone has these ups and downs. doubting your own ability or wondering if it is worth it.

it is nice to know you are not alone.

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