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2011-01-18 Expert: Kayres Rate: (4.2)  11 ratings

Places left in upcoming ASR Open Tournament!

Do you remember the article "The Superclass" about the ASR League? 

Many big changes haven taken place since then, the biggest of which has been the increase of members in the League. Back then Superclass was very new and consisted of eight players. Today, the Superclass has 14 high-dan players willing to play long games and review them afterwards.

This game is between aguilar1 and go1d. aguilar1 is leading the Superclass and has already played 8 games this month, winning six of them. The game was very long and interesting. Paying attention to kibitz, some found the sequence starting with Q10 to be quite strange, however by S9 it was apparent that a lovely sacrifice had been planned. What do you think?

Talking about the changes again, not only has the Superclass grown since November: back then the ASR League had 203 members, but today, two months later, the number of people partaking has more than doubled and has grown to 452 players! Since the League is growing and the Superclass games seem to attract more and more people, keeps you informed!

Information about the League can be found here:

However, this is not all! ASR plans a free tournament, ready to begin in February. If you always enjoyed playing in tournaments online, then  you now have the opportunity to participate in the ASR Tournament. 66 players already have signed up, ranks ranging from 4d to 13k and 30k. Everyone can participate!

If you are interested, just follow this link: 

Everything you need to know can be read there.

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