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2011-03-03 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (4.5)  2 ratings

Insei League vs Chinese SISU team match on KGS: board 2

March, 5, 16.00 Moscow time, English game room.
Friendship match between SISU team and Insei League team.
Will introduce the second board here:

SISU: LI Zhangyuan(2p) 

Started to learn Go when he was 5 years old. Studied with a famous teacher Yang Yunjie.
He got 4th place in Huashan Go Championship. 
Li reached 1p in 2007 and 2p in 2008. 
Now he studies in Shanghai International Studies University as a major of Japanese.

Insei League: Ko Juyeon(2p)

2006 Became 1p at the age of 16. Reached round of 32 in Wonik tournament. Beat Kang Dongyoon 9p and Cho Hyeyeon 8p
2008 Reached semifinal in female Kisung.
2009 Second place in Korean pair-go championship
2011 Joined Insei League as a teacher


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