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2011-03-03 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (5)  3 ratings

Insei League vs Chinese SISU team match on KGS: board 1

This saturday, March 5, 16.00 Moscow time (GMT+3) we will have a friendship match on KGS (10 boards) between Insei League members and Chinese SISU Team. Full list of participants with ranks: Friendship match
We will probably have live-commentary of the first board game, open for everyone, by one of the Insei League teachers
I will play on the first board. I guess you know a lot about me, so I will only introduce my partner: WANG Youxia(4p), 
Born in Tianjin, studied with the teacher Li Yachun(7p). Wang  reached 1p in 2002 and 4p in 2006. He started to take part in Chinese A league in 2006. Wang got 4th place in 4th China Go Xinxiu tournament in 2005. Now he studies in Shanghai International Studies University as a major of Japanese and he represented Sisu to the Chinese C league in 2009 and achieved a good prize.
Including his recent victory against Korean star Mok Chinseok, 9p


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