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2011-03-06 Expert: DanielTom Rate: (5)  6 ratings

"chenns" becomes 9-dan!

   We have already reported the identity of "chenns" (in the previous article), but now we can put out more details about him.

   In his personal page on KGS, chenns has a list of his results in the World Amateur Go Championship:

   2005   World Amateur Go Championship (WAGC)     8th place

   2006    WCGC                                                          5th place

   2007    WCGC                                                          13 place

   2008    WCGC                                                         4th place

   2009    WCGC                                                         3rd place

   2010   WCGC                                                          4th place

   So he must be Nai San CHAN. To be sure, I decided to ask him personally:

   DanielTom [-]: chenns, are you Nai San Chan?

   chenns [8d]: yes

   DanielTom [-]: oh! I want to see you play! :-)

   chenns [8d]: may be next

   So chenns is one of the strongest amateurs in the world! He is from Hong Kong, China, so maybe (just maybe) "kghin" 8-dan, who is also from Hong Kong, sees him as a rival... (Just for the record, they played a game two days ago and chenns won).

   As promised, I will now show you a game played by chenns.

   It was a very stimulating game that has just been played - with a complicated semeai in the middlegame - that chenns (8-dan at the time) played against Hutoshi4, 8-dan.

   White (chenns) won the game by resignation in less than 200 moves, which made Hutoshi4 say after the game:

   Hutoshi4 [8d]: I am too weak...

   Keep in mind that just before this game Hutoshi4 was crushed by "jove" 9-dan, so he was probably feeling tired! I wouldn't say that Hutoshi4 is "too weak", but I could say that chenns and jove are too strong!

   White G14 (move 128) was too painful to allow... The problem for Black was that with Q12 (move 117) he lost sente and White could get, as we saw, G14. So after the game Hutoshi4 tried to form a better plan for Black (I added the variations in the game file) and it seems that maybe Black should start with a peep (O13 instead of Q12) and then take sente to defend his group in the center.

   Having won the game, chenns became KGS 9-dan. Watch out for him!


2011-03-11 05:03
lol, kghin is too much of a weakling to qualify as a rival :)
3k ( US ) 2011-03-08 01:03
Just to put the photo in context, I believe chenns would now be 17 years old or so. To me, that is still very young, but the photo looks more like 8 years old, which is too much for me to fathom!

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