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2011-03-06 Expert: DanielTom Rate: (5)  7 ratings

Chinese Colossus are coming to KGS!

   We have another Chinese professional on KGS!

   His username is "jove", and he is currently unbeatable! He became "9d?" after defeating "kghin" 8-dan, and I don't think he will lose the "?" any time soon as it will be very hard for anyone on KGS to beat him!

   Here you can see jove playing against "Hutoshi4" 8-dan. I think you will be impressed: when Black resigned, White had captured half of the board, having killed over 40 Black stones!

   Black D7 (move 7) is a new fashion, but here it didn't work out well for B. You can see that after White B3 (move 32), W got a great result... Black could try C3 instead of E2 (move 29), but it would still be hard for Black to get a good result (I added the variation in the game file shown by Hutoshi4 after the game).

   For the record, it was "chenns", KGS 8-dan, who revealed that jove is a Chinese pro:

   chenns [8d]: white is 3P from China

   Both jove and chenns registered on KGS at about the same time, so maybe they are friends?

   After doing some research, I discovered that chenns is Nai San Chan(!) a very strong amateur from Hong Kong (China) who placed 3th in the World Amateur Go Championship 2009. He confirmed it! (I will try to post a game played by chenns soon.)

   It is very exciting to see so many new strong players coming to KGS!


( JP ) 2011-03-07 03:03
Jove is Li Ang 3p.

You can see that from the email adress lyonweiqi is using (watch his profile on KGS)

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