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2011-08-13 Expert: DanielTom Rate: (4)  3 ratings

Honinbo Dosaku Reborn?

 We have a new 9-dan player on KGS: 'DaoCe'.

I heard many (I think unsubstantiated) rumors about his identity. Some think he is himountain, others say he may be Eric Dai, and a few kibitzers (as usual) referred the remote possibility of him being Lee Sedol...

I think it is safe to say that he is from China because 'Dao Ce' is the Chinese PinYin for 'Dosaku'.

Honinbo Dosaku was the first Go Saint. Even today strong players awe at his Go talent. It was easy to check if 'DaoCe' is, in fact, a Dosaku fan:


DanielTom: hello :-)

DaoCe: hi

DanielTom: do you like Honinbo Dosaku? :-)

DaoCe: sure


So 'DaoCe' can speak English, and he is kind enough to chat with other users. I believe that this is not his first account on KGS.


I read that 'DaoCe' could be Liu Yuanbo 2p, as he is known to have had many secret accounts on KGS, but (although it is a valid possibility) I don't think it is very likely. (For one thing, 'MilanMilan' normally plays much faster than 'DaoCe')

His true identity remains a mystery.


His Go strength is quite high (pro level?), certainly enough for him to stay KGS 9-dan in the future. 


Tami Jones
1k ( JP ) 2011-08-15 07:08
Did you see the game between DaoCe and Kghin the next day? It was unbelievable. DaoCe was so strong, but the kid also showed some cool creativity. It was a great game!

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