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2011-08-13 Expert: DanielTom Rate: (4)  3 ratings

Jedi Master

Give them what they want and make them pay for it.

Nothing matters if you do not win.

Take pleasure when it comes.

(from zyoda's Info Page)


That speech is surprisingly well articulated - coming from Master Yoda, that is.


'zyoda' registered on KGS a week ago, and since then he beat many KGS high-dan players, including 'cjheaven' 8d, 'roln111' 8d, 'suicidal' 8d and 'okao' 8d (several times).


Spoiler Alert

'zyoda' is Michael Chen, aka 'zchen' on KGS. At least they have the exact same picture!


 Whenever 'zyoda' takes White we can say that he is fighting the Dark Side. :-) 


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