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2012-01-19 Expert: DanielTom Rate: (5)  4 ratings

KGS Meijin

Announcing the KGS Meijin!

KGS is pleased to announce that starting in 2012, we will crown one player as the KGS Meijin every year. Every month, January through November, there will be a tournament on KGS. Sometimes it will be open signup, sometimes there will be restrictions. In each tournament, one or more people will qualify as Meijin contenders. In December there will be one final tournament, where all contenders compete, the winner is becoming the KGS Meijin!


'The KGS Meijin winner will receive a cash prize for a minimum of $500 and a special Meijin icon.'

(If you would like to sign up -->

 The plan is to crown "the best player on KGS". It's a very exciting and fresh idea!

So far, smallbird (a new star on KGS, from China) is the only 9-dan who has signed up for the January Qualifier. Some top players from Europe (such as OohAah and Cornel) have also signed up. Hopefully, in the next few days, more strong players will register as well.

Who would you like to become the first KGS Meijin?


1d 2012-01-30 07:01
I didn't get the system. So it's only qualifier for the main tournament in december? So KGS ready to spend 500 USD a year for the tournament. Not that impressive, compared to wbaduk whose budget for the last tournament was 10000 USD.
No wonder kghin, oohaah and other strong players didn't participate in it. It's not worth to wait for a year for such prize.
4kyu ( PL ) 2012-01-27 06:01
I guess such a tournament has a potential to attract KGS to more very strong players ??“ something the server really needs. They would sign up to participate but would also play some games in order to get used to the environment. And perhaps some of them would stay, therefore KGS would become more attractive to more of their kind and more would come.

$500 is by far not enough to do so and that tournament will be a nice local event but if KGS would like to expand, that's the idea.
( PT ) 2012-01-20 10:01
kghin 8d signed up!
2012-01-20 09:01
KGS doesn't have that many really strong players. So if any pro signs up (like MilanMilan) nobody else really gets a chance to compete, is that right?
2012-01-19 11:01
In my opinion the KGS Meijin is a great idea. I will follow the Meijin tournaments and hope that this will bring many exciting high level games.

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