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2012-01-20 Expert: DanielTom Rate: (4.4)  14 ratings

MilanMilan's opinion about Artem: "he will be No.1 for a long time"!

Recently Artem Kachanovskyy (artem92) has been playing a lot on Tygem and very little on KGS, so his KGS rating became flexible and by just winning a few games he reached 9d there.

Today he finally played another game on KGS, this time against the star-player MilanMilan 9d (Liu Yuanbo 2p). You can see their game here. Unfortunately, by losing the match, Artem's rank dropped to 8d, but here is what MilanMilan had to say:

MilanMilan [9d]: He is not 8d anymore:)

MilanMilan [9d]: amazing performance in first half of the game


After the game, I had a small conversation with MilanMilan and he kindly agreed to share his thoughts about Artem with us, saying that he played well and that his knowledge about Go is "already far ahead" of kghin 8d and Hutoshi4 9d, although he might lose against them.

According to MilanMilan, Artem's reading (calculation) is "already very good", but his "instinct about shape [is] not as good as pros'".

However, MilanMilan thinks that Artem has already reached Japanese pro level, and that "he may reach pro level even in China & Korea", but adds that he still needs more training.


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1k ( PL ) 2012-03-19 06:03
To entertain this debate and add an interesting bit about Lee Sedol having a hard time giving a pro shodan 2 stones, there was this remarkable comment by two Japanese 9 dan pros, quoted by Peter Mioch in his Daigo series of go articles on another go portal. The comment was regarding the strength of Cho Chikun, who was at that time (2000) competing with O Rissei for the 24th Kisei title. One of the 9 dans said that "he perhaps could not expect to win against Cho, even if he were to receive a two-stone handicap". The other replied "Well, are you positive you'll win with three stones then?"

Seeing how Cho Chikun was/is a top Japanese player, like Lee Sedol is now, we could argue that possibly Lee Sedol could, in fact, give many pros (including but probably not limited to shodans) 2 stones and show good results :)

Two things to bear in mind, though:
1. This is purely theoretical :)
2. That was 2000, now it's 2012.
k14 ( GB ) 2012-02-03 08:02
Instead of N11, would K9 have been better and joined (saved) white? Thanks you (my first post)
2012-01-30 11:01
It might be true that it is harder to become a pro in China/Korea than it is in Japan. It *might* be. However, even if it is true, the difference is extremely tiny in the grand scheme of things. Even the Lee Sedol would have a difficult time giving 2 stones to a pro shodan (be it Chinese/Japanese/Korean).

That is, the essence of MilanMilan's message was that artem92 has pro-level strength now. MilanMilan did not have to say that in a way that could offend Japanese pros. This only hurts the game of go internationally by developing extra antagonism between go-loving people of different nationalities.

Since MilanMilan is himself a PROFESSIONAL, he should have complimented artem92 in a more professional manner.
9d 2012-01-26 01:01
mpepe i think you are unaware that it is significantly harder to become pro in china or korea. also there is a significant difference in strength. you can look it up
6dan ( HU ) 2012-01-23 06:01
Well I played,chinese,japanese and korean pros also (usually 3 stone,sometimes less) and most of the games was close,couldnt see any difference. (win against the korean lose against the japanese tho)and good intertanional example when Iyama Yuta beaten Lee Sedol and Gu Li in a row and won a title.
1d ( RU ) 2012-01-23 02:01
mpepe, japanese pros are weaker than chinese/korean. Proof:

As you can see, japanese pros show miserable results in international tournaments.
6dan ( HU ) 2012-01-23 01:01
I dont like this comment: "MilanMilan thinks that Artem has already reached Japanese pro level" Pretty arrogant.Is it mean that a chinese or korean pro 1 or 2 stone stronger than a japaness?I dont think so especially if hutoshi4 is an insei in japan(I dont know for sure) who is in a same level like smartrobot(chinese pro)but maybe rapyuta is a better example(tho not insei anymore)Sorry,my english is not so good.

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