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Artem vs In-Seong - the winner takes it all

We'd like to present you a game from Shusaku Cup 2012 which is being hold in Romania. In the 4th round of the tournament Artem Kachanovsky 7d faced In-Seong Hwang 8d, a former insei from Korea who is currently living in Europe. Before this round both players had 3 wins and the winner of this game would become a sole leader in the tournament. 


The game was broadcast on KGS by Eurogotv and attracted a lot of viewers, there were more than 500 people watching the game. Both players have similar style: solid, thick and prefer peaceful games. Such kind of games are usually decided in yose. As you may know In-Seong (crowis on KGS) was a teacher in Insei League for several months and played a lot of simultaneous games. Even if he was behind in the middle game, he would always fight for every point in yose and could always narrow the gap in points or even take the lead. This game was played by a similar scenario; In Seong won the game in yose. MilanMilan 9d who was watching the game said that Artem lost around 4-5 points in the end game.   


MilanMilan [9d]: artem doesn't show his best on yose

MilanMilan [9d]: he lost 4-5pts in yose   


After this game, In Seong is leading in the tournament with 4 wins. On the second place Andriy Kravec  5d (Wichmaster 7d on KGS), who rather unexpectedly defeated Oh Lluis 6d, a strong player from Korea. There are still 2 more rounds, don't miss your chance to watch the games.


Full table of the tournament can be found here.   



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