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2012-04-01 Expert: Noth1ng Rate: (0)

@pril'$ fool on KG$

Happy April's fool to everyone! Every year lots of people on KGS are in anticipation of this day. There is a good tradition to celebrate this day by making creative funny stuff on the server. If you remember, last year joke was a change of the stone colors: white played vs pink! Take a look at the photo here if you missed it last year.


Today they decided to have fun in room's lobby. I wonder how admins will control what is going on in the chat since it's not easy to read the text. Try it yourself! If you wonder how it looks, here is an example.


What's your favorite joke for April's fool on KGS or rather what would be your idea for this day?


( JP ) 2012-04-04 08:04
The only thing that bothers me about KGS April Fools jokes is that the lack of time to make code is given as a reason for not adding features, but obviously it takes time to encode the one-off changes for these jokes, funny as they may be.

They cannot seriously deny they have time for a simple tweak such as hiding an avatar you don't want to see, while they do have time for pranks.
( PT ) 2012-04-01 12:04
My favorite joke was when they made everyone's rank [9d].
This year's prank was fun too. Even the room names changed (now you can find an "English Gaem Room" and a "KGS Teaching Bladder"!).
By the way, under Files, you can uncheck April Fools, and the prank ends. But why would anyone do that? :)
Happy April Fools!

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