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2012-06-26 Expert: DanielTom Rate: (3.7)  3 ratings

"zyoda" 8d shows us a New Move!

 Black: zyoda 8d (Michael Zhaonian Chen)

White: gowithwi 9d (Dongfang Li)


Move 23 (Black R5) is a brand new move!


The normal move would be Black P2 instead (followed by White S2 atari, Black Q1 capture, White R7 extension). Black S2 (instead of R5 in the game) is also possible.


The result in the actual game looks acceptable for Black: some thickness + sente.


After the game I asked gowithwi 9d for his thoughts on R5, and he said that he had never seen it before.

In the game file you can find some variations shown by gowithwi afterwards. He admits that he doesn't know whether R5 is good or not.

Nevertheless, it is certainly an interesting idea!


PS: The result of the ko in the upper right corner and the subsequent furikawari was too good for White...

Just as the game was over I also asked gowithwi what he thought of Chen's level, and he said that zyoda was maybe a little bit scared. :) 


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