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2012-08-17 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (4.5)  4 ratings

Be careful with New Zealand rules!

I saw such games before, played by sum on KGS (Robert Jasiek,5d from Germany), but it's the first time I saw 8-9 dan players, using New Zealand rules.
Maybe W thought that he is playing with regular Japanese rules, so after playing all "useful" moves he played pass. Black got 1 extra dame point, because of this pass and won the game by 1 point
Ilya Shikshin (roln111) was lucky!
Maybe it's a good idea to delete New Zealand rules from rules selections on KGS. What do you think?


Robert M Gogo
2012-08-26 09:08
Another possibility is that I could choose preferred rules on my profile and with every game the system would warn me when the opponent chooses different rules from my preferred ones.
3d ( US ) 2012-08-20 03:08
Um... no? lol... I dont think just because a player forgot or missed what rules he used that the rules should be removed... that would make AGA rules and Chinese rules in the same boat... but nice game otherwise

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