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Servers | KGS | Insei League on KGS, September 2012. Rules changes and new features


2012-08-20 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (4.5)  4 ratings

Insei League on KGS, September 2012. Rules changes and new features

Please register, if you would like to take part in September league: http://insei-league.com/join.php

1. I will show the way of thinking, while playing. Will play online games with discussing my moves, moves of my opponent and my thoughts during the game (6 games per month)

  1. In the past we paid lot of attention to reviewing insei vs insei league games online. Starting from September,2012 we will mainly review pro games (8 hours per month)
  2. Insei vs Insei games will be reviewed offline. In the past it was necessary to wait for few weeks, before receiving such reviews. Now it's possible to get reviews faster. Just play the league game and email me SGF with your questions and I will return it back in 24 hours with my commentary ( you can send maximum 25% of all insei vs insei games you played in the league)
  3. Starting from September we will have fuseki/joseki lectures and lectures on other subjects, for example: invasions or attacking (8 lectures per month)
  4. As usual we will have simultaneous games with reviews by breakfast, solaris, aguilar and other teachers (at least 20 simultaneous per month)



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