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Servers | KGS | Mogo wins against Zhou Jouxun 9p with H7


2009-02-11 Expert: Euphorie Rate: (4.6)  5 ratings

Mogo wins against Zhou Jouxun 9p with H7

Many of you already know about Mogo. It's one of the strongest bot available. He already showed great strength on 9x9. But what about 19x19?

Taiwanese go players are currently helping to test Mogo strength under the KGS account "nutngo". 2 days ago Mogo managed to beat Zhou Junxun 9p with only seven stones. Enjoy the show.

You can find a chinese commentary here 
It says that mogo seemed to be a high dan amateur, and played some professional sequences. Mogo won the game easily, and it's the first time it happened for Zhou. He is a bit sad but impressed at the same time.


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