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Servers | KGS | An american 9d appears on KGS. Boston beats BBW

2009-07-09 Expert: Euphorie Rate: (3.5)  4 ratings

An american 9d appears on KGS. Boston beats BBW

Bigbadwolf, a.k.a Andy Liu or bbw, is a very well known KGS star, distracting KGS kibitzer and maybe his opponent with pictures of asian stars. He currently is #5 on KGS.

Boston is a new KGS account, the player didn't lost yet. I asked in private some info about himself, he is not a professional player and he is an AGA member. This should narrow down the possibilities.


About the game :

The game starts with the popular Kobayashi Fuseki, until white encloses the upper left corner with F17 instead of playing P6. Then black encloses his corner too, He could have put more pressure on the group with P6, but taking points is also enough.

White then reinforces his group with P6, black does the usual peep but white answers with R7 instead of connecting solidly. He can take sente this way.

K16 is a big point, allowing white to expand his influence, reducing black's, and will help any invasion white tries on the right side. Black then splits the left side and continue with B15 instead of C14. Playing C14 will allow white C15, making black overconcentrated if he replies D14. The sequence following is a common one when black wants to settle quickly (at the cost of territory).


Following that, each player invade the other one's corner and the focus shifts to the center. Even though black got a weak group, white couldn't find a good way to use it, and white's attempt at the bottom ruined his center potential. Black didn't let go of his sente then, threatening everything left and right, and eventually killed white on the left.


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