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2010-12-19 Expert: DanielTom Rate: (5)  4 ratings

"RoseDuke" beats yet another professional

 Victor Chow ("RoseDuke" on KGS), the legendary South African amateur who defeated two Japanese pros (Yahata Koichi 6p and Sasaki Tsuyoshi 5p) in a row in the IGS World Rapid Championship (2005), hadn't played any ranked game on KGS against high dans since September.

Finally today he decided to put up a great show by playing the KGS-superstar "smartrobot" (Chinese pro, Jin Jing 2p) with his unusually aggressive style.

R14 (move 10) is probably an overplay since Black's corner is strong (White O15 was honte), but that move shows Victor Chow's style - he likes to fight a lot, and he is good at it. That is one of the reasons why 'RoseDuke''s games attract so many spectators (this game had over 500 observers): his games are always very exciting!

In the end, "smartrobot" resigned as he was about 10 points behind. After the game, Jin said that Black lost due to a "misjudge" in the middle-game.

One thing is certain: even Chinese pros need to look out for Victor Chow!



2010-12-20 09:12
Black 55 was wrong direction. Was better to block from the other side

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