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2011-01-02 Expert: DanielTom Rate: (4.5)  4 ratings

Artem's Unhappy Start to the New Year

   Unfortunately for Artem Kachanovskyy (Ukraine), the runner-up of the last European Go Congress, he did not have a good start to the new year. Today, after losing against "bin7674" 8-dan, "artem92" played "misty" 7-dan in a game with over 600 people watching (you can see the game here).

   It seems that Artem made some overplays - White 110 (C4) was well punished by Black - and in the end, after the H5 cut, the shape of White's lower group was too weak (Black 151, N5, is the famous tesuji to cut White). Artem was forced to resign. With this loss, artem92's rank on KGS dropped to 7-dan.

   I think that artem92 is stronger than 7-dan; the "problem" is that more and more strong players are appearing and the competition is getting fiercer.

   Let's just wish better luck for Artem. I believe that he will be 8-dan again very soon.

   We in also want to wish you, our dear reader, a happy 2011!

   Great games to you all!


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