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Servers | Wbaduk | Mirror Go on 2 stones handicap. Is it a good strategy?

2011-04-28 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (5)  1 ratings

Mirror Go on 2 stones handicap. Is it a good strategy?

Example from the recent teaching game on WBaduk.
An Younggil 8-dan pro played 7d on 2 stones handicap and his opponent decided to try mirror Go.
I know this feeling - it's hard to fight against this strategy.
Best way is to get 2 ladders running into the center. Check this plan - I added it to SGF
I am not sure what was the plan of An Younggil and why his opponent decided to stop mirror Go. Any ideas?


9k 2011-04-28 09:04
It is clear why: just try to take one of the handicap stones with white. W will get a ponnuki and B will be overconcentrated with four empty triangles!

A little extreme, of course. Surely a professional like you or An Younggil can find a more natural and effective way, but the concept would be the same.

If black went on with mirror go the game would have become even very soon, as the top right hoshi dies and the lower left one becomes uselessly overconcentrated. After that W will surely handle the hamete better and win.

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