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Servers | Wbaduk | Korean style: fight first - think later!

2011-04-30 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (4.5)  2 ratings

Korean style: fight first - think later!

Please check this game till the end. Just saw it played on WBaduk
Fuseki was boring, but last part was fun.
I thought that Black is behind, so he played dangerous ko threat inside the moyo. White connected ko. Black tried to live inside (it was not possible). Suddenly White played tennuki and Black lived (lucky!)

It was a big surprise for me to count the score till this fight. It was not necessary for Black to make this invasion! He was 3.5 point ahead!

Why did he make it? In Korea they hate boring games! Koreans like to fight so much!

Some statistic:
jkhmne (Korea), 7-dan 708W-474L score, 32766 Rating Points
3010968 (China), 7-dan, 177W-199L score, 32437 Rating Points


2011-04-30 03:04
What do you think about their level?
Something around 7d KGS? Maybe KGS 7-dans are stronger
2011-04-30 03:04
Pretty pathetic gameplay for a 7d.
2011-04-30 12:04
Black is alive ( in my opinion) after Black 207. Can you find any ways of killing that group?
2011-04-30 12:04
I also added some notes on fuseki

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