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Servers | Wbaduk | Mariya vs Artem, game commented by A.Dinerchtein (in Russian)

2011-07-01 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (3.2)  5 ratings

Mariya vs Artem, game commented by A.Dinerchtein (in Russian)

We have a website similar to Go Teaching Ladder in Russia (only for Russian Go players) and I got this game from Artem, who asked me to review it.
Here is my commentary (in Russian)

You can also check my previous WBaduk articles about Maria - 16 years old Korean insei from Ukraine. Seems that she is even stronger than I thought. If you remember, I proposed that Artem is still stronger. But ... he won this friendship game only by 0.5 point


2013-01-28 04:01
She is pro now
2011-09-23 05:09
Thx for sharing your impressions.
I also played with Maria when she was younger. On 9 handicap :)
Even that time it was clear that she has a big talent
4dan ( PL ) 2011-07-29 05:07
I remember Maria from the Russian Congress in 2007. I remembered her as a nice young Ukrainian girl:) She was about 12-15kyu. I played a few practice games .... I even somehow reached agreement:)
It has been passed than 3.5 years and we met again - this time in South Korea in 2010. Except that she had some 6dan ...
I played with the Korean 5 dan. I won. I saw how she played against the Korean 6dan. She also won.

Even Artem didn't have such a fast progress. (EGF tournaments began as 16kyu in 2001!)

Why you didin't point that? :)
2k 2011-07-05 10:07
*) = comfortable
2k 2011-07-05 10:07
Is there any real difference between winning 0.5 or 100.5 points? :)))
(I've read somewhere that the most comportable win should be with 1.5 points).

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