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Servers | Wbaduk | Tan Xiao, 5p

2011-12-04 Expert: Noth1ng Rate: (5)  3 ratings

Tan Xiao, 5p

I would like to introduce a game between tangxiao20  8D and kixx 8D. Tan Xiao 5p, is a young pro player from China. He is only 17 years old but already won 2 domestic cups. Tan Xiao likes to play "Chinese Fuseki".


kixx 8D is a korean player. I asked in the chat if somebody knows his real name but to my suprise other players have no idea of his identity. One player mentioned that kixx should be a pro player because of RP points (he had RP 34381). He is a relavatively new player on wbaduk, he played only 20 games so far. Some korean player said that "kixx" is a name of professional team in Korean Baduk League which conisists of 6 korean pros: 

Park Junghwan

Cho Hanseung

Kim Kiyoung

Hong Sungji

Kim Daeyoung

Park Seunghwa


So kixx 8d might be one of them. In the game he played 2 san-san in fuseki. Honestly, I don't remember any professional using this fuseki recently. In 90s Cho Chikun 9p loved to play 2 san-san when taking white. But apparently nowdays it's considered to be slow.

It was a blitz game 10x1 sec per move. The usual time setting on wbaduk. In the end white won the game by time.



tangxiao20  8D - RP 34361  win/loss 77/78 

kixx 8D - RP 34381 win/loss  9/8

the betting was 32% on tangxiao and 68% on kixx.



2012-01-21 02:01
Yes, kixx good player on WBaduk server. I have 49 his games.
4d ( C2 ) 2011-12-28 02:12
Haha, I love it how Tan Xiao doesn't know how to write the pinyin of his own name!

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