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2011-04-23 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  23 ratings

"ioiwin(P)" (Lee Changho) and the 4 corners proverb

       Lee Changho was always famous for his extremely accurate reading. That was the reason he won so many important games by half a point margin. Prone to territorial gains and classic development, he has not a reputation of a killer ( I try to say not the type of player who wants to kill by any means).
      It was so funny today to watch him playing against an opponent who took all 4 corners. You know the proverb, maybe the most famous go proverb of all : "If you lose 4 corners, resign!" There is the paradox too : "If you have 4 corners, resign!"  The  paradox says that if you are too greedy, you'll lose. This is exactly what happened in our game.
       "fybb" is a Chinese player who oscillates between 8 and 9 D on Tygem. The funny thing is he had all 4 corners after only 32 moves. The price to pay was a  "sausage" in the center. Rather than trying to strengthen that group, he made another greedy move with 54 at J3 (instead somewhere around L12, as suggested by a 9D viewer). "fybb" has a mouse as his Avatar, that's why I chose to put a greedy mouse carrying more cheese than he can eat in his picture above.
        As I already said in a former post, there is a beauty in the way Lee Changho kills. It does not look so violent as to "born killers". Sometimes I wonder if his opponents are really aware their groups will die.

                     "ioiwin(P)" 9D (Lee Changho, 9P), Korea : 453 - 118 (39328 p)
                     "fybb" 9 D , China : 327 - 241 (35652 p)


2011-04-25 01:04
White ate too much chesse not to die hungry.
2011-04-23 12:04
Impressive! W played well, but no hope for him. White 36 - maybe better to stay connected by playing empty triangle?

Later niken-tobi extension at J3 was necessary, I think. W cannot win, if B extends here and takes 50 points on lower side

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