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2011-04-25 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (5)  5 ratings

Good news for joonki (Seo Nunwook,9p) fans

Today from 13.00 Korean time on Tygem you can observe semifinal and final games of a very unusual mixed tournament.
120 best Korean amateurs ( 40 years old or older) and 8 professionals, including superstars Seo Bongsu 9p and Seo Nunwook, 9p took part in the competition. I was sure that we will see Seo vs Seo final, but results were surprising. Seo Bongsu, 9p who was Korean #2 professional (after Cho Hunhyun 9p) in 70's and 80's lost his game to Korean 7d amateur. Other professionals, including Jimmy Cha lost to amateurs too.
It's obvious now that Korean pros outside of best 100 ranking are not much stronger than top amateurs. Sometimes even weaker.

Seo Nunwook, 9p (joonki on KGS) will challenge Cho Minsu, 7d amateur, who beat Jimmy Cha in the previous round.

The first prize is about 10.000 USD. Time control: 20 min +byoyomi
I will post game records, if I can find them

On photo: Seo Nunwook (right) vs Kim Saehyun, ama7d


2011-04-26 09:04
Results: Park Youngchin ama7d - 1st, Cho Minso, ama 7d - second

Seo, 9p shared 3rd prize
2011-04-25 09:04
Forgot to mention handicap in pro vs ama games: no-komi, plus White pays 5.5 extra points
2011-04-25 11:04
In Europe we dont have events open only for old players. What do you think, if we create some? In Korea there are more and more events where inseis and former insei cannot take part, because of age limits

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