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2011-05-25 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  7 ratings

King of Kings (R1) : "ChunF(P)" vs. "roln"

          Only 2 players ("roln" - Ilya Shikshin, from Russia, the current European champion, and "hjekshdf", from USA) have entered King of Kings coming from Tygem English. Unfortunately, both have lost the very first round.
        "roln" had to fight against a very tough opponent, "ChunF(P)", from China. He had black and, in the middle game, one of his groups came under attack. The situation has worsened step by step and , while searching for solutions to rescue that group, he lost on time. So sad for Ilya he had to fight at the same time against pneumonia.
         In round 2, "ChunF(P)" won again against "ok5859", also from China. Today, in round 3, he will meet most probably  "Fasion(P)", from Korea. The game "Fasion(P)" - "sdlay" was not played (like so many other games in this tournament) and I think "sdlay" will be disqualified.
          I hope that there will be no more forfeits in round 3 and we'll enjoy all games. For example, "joonki" is qualified for round 3, but he didn't make any move yet.  Maybe we'll see him today in action against the killer specialist "wonoguli".

                          "roln"9D (Ilya Shikshin) Rusia : 65 - 9 (36392 p)
                           5 - 2 as 9D
                          "ChunF(P)" 9D, China : 301 - 199 (35811 p)


( PT ) 2011-05-25 01:05
I think M5 is natural --- in my opinion, the problem was P10 - it made W too strong, so later the fight was hard for B. How about Black R7 (instead of attaching at P10)?
2011-05-25 10:05
M5 was not the right shape. Too much aji! Whites attack at L4 (few moves later) was too painful.
M5 must be at M4, I guess - for reducing the aji

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