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2011-07-13 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  17 ratings

King of Kings (Final) : "gjopok" vs. "idontca1", game 3

            "gjopok" is the new Tygem King of Kings! He fully deserves the title, due to the fact that he played the most beautiful and elevated  games.
             Let's recall the  key moments of his way to victory.  He defeated the 2 big favorites who played under their real names, "zhoury" (Zhou Ruiyang, 5P, China's number 1) and "YHPak" (Park Yeonghun, 9P, Korea). All the games he won have been by resignation, except the dramatic half-point decider against "zhoury" in the quarterfinals.
             In the match against "idontca1", he had the power to turn the table after a bad start. The last game was a little bit unusual from the perspective of thinking time. When "gjopok" entered the overtime, "idontca1" had still 12 minutes on his clock. Then, after the interesting sequence, 71 - 73 at D6 - D5, played by black, "idontca1" fell on thoughts at his turn also. He made a successful invasion in the top right corner, with 106 - 108 at S13 - R17, but "gjopok"  continued to play so well, that did not leave any chance to white.
              The tournament kept its specific note of mystery until the last day. According to some early rumors, we still believed, during the first rounds, that "allKO(P)" was Gu Li (instead Chen Yaoye), "idontca1" was Lee Sedol and "gjopok" was  Cho Hunhyun. During the final 3 games  all the Korean and Chinese observers were referring to "gjopok" as Lee Sedol and "idontca1" as Park Junghwan. Their confidence makes me believe that media in Asia already revealed the true identity of the finalists.

                                         "gjopok" 9D (Lee Sedol, 9P, ?) Korea : 164 - 53 (38190 p)
                                         "idontca1" 9D (Park Junghwan, 9P, ?) Korea : 181 - 71 (36868 p)


2013-08-07 10:08
2011-08-07 05:08
It seems that I have to do that.
2011-08-07 03:08
i dont think its a good idea to change comments on this article to betting chat. maybe if parik would write an separate article about betting levels ... or if we catch the all levels of betting gods someone can post it :)
2011-08-06 07:08

boss(P) 30,800 = God Hades :-)
2011-08-05 05:08
Let??s keep this post series for updates on betting gods :-)

boss(P) 26,1000 = God Poseidon
whenallin 16,200 = God Demeter
2011-08-04 02:08
boss(P) almost 22000m = God Poseidon :)
2011-08-04 11:08
Information like this is always welcome.
2011-08-04 03:08
The highest betting score so far was 19,400.

I have seen players bet 6,000 in one round! You can find rich players mostly betting in the "serious real life" pro games which are relayed and have a life comment. twina is also God Demeter now :-)
2011-08-04 03:08
I made some research on the betting points and found out the following:

Beginner 0-50
18k 50-100
17k 100-150
16k 150-200
15k 200-300
14k 300-400
13k 400-500
12k 500-600
11k 600-700
10k 700-800
9k 800-900
8k 900-1000
7k 1-2
6k 2-3
5k 3-5
4k 5-7,5
3k 7,5-10
2k 10-20
1k 20-30
1d 30-50
2d 50-75
3d 75-100
4d 100-200
5d 200-300
6d 300-500
7d 500-750
8d 750-1000
9d 1,000-3,000
Betting God 3,000-5,000
God Ares 5,000-7,000
God Apollo 7,000-10,000
God Hestia 10,000-15,000???
God Demeter 15,000???-???
2011-08-03 06:08
boss(P) is now god Demeter (it is above god Hestia) :)
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