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2011-08-07 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (4.6)  11 ratings

Gods of T-points

          I take the help received from kind and very welcome Tygem fans, to talk about a topic less familiar to other servers : betting, T-points and special items.
          We were not accustomed as gambling to be associated with GO, so at first everything appeared to be a toy for children, useful to nothing but innocent fun. Actually, it might be more than that. The concept of virtual money in logical board games is not new. For example, there is a chess server,, where you can bet on such virtual money called "ducats" ( 10 ducats  about 1 Euro). These virtual money cannot be change in real money, but you can buy books or software with them. Also, you can pay for lessons or listen to live commentaries made by experts.
          I suspect that this is the case on Tygem for full right members, because I notice a great interest for the T-points. Unlike the chess server, the observers can bet too, so I think that makes the watching of a game to be even more exciting. Let us hope that, in the near future, the English speakers will be able to pay, with such T-points currency, books, software, special items or to attend live lectures held by top professionals.
         There are very interesting and useful comments made by "pm" "Rui" and "Ruii" to the last article, after the King of Kings ended. As you can read in these comments, in the absence of an official Tygem T-points list for top players (gamblers!), they discovered the richest player to be "boss(P)". This could explain his particular popularity and why he went straight into the quarterfinals at King of Kings.
         Here are the T-points titles revealed so far (by courtesy of our commentators mentioned before) :
                    - Betting God :         3 - 5        billion T-points
                    - God Ares :            5 - 7        billion T-points
                    - God Apollo :         7 - 10      billion T-points
                    - God Hestia :        10 - 15     billion T-points
                    - God Demeter :     15 - 20     billion T-points
                    - God Poseidon :    20 - 30     billion T-points
                    - God Hades :         30 - ?       billion T-points
         I wonder how rich must be Zeus.

        Today, "boss(P)", most probably the richest man on Tygem, was challenged by "oneboat" in a 4 games match. The interest for this meeting was enormous, with more than 800 observers at each game. This is why I had to move on the Chinese server, especially to watch these games (due to the stressful rule of 300 observers limit on English Tygem). "boss(P)" lost the first game and he was demoted from God Hades to God Poseidon, but won the next three games and regained his status as God Hades (god of underworld and brother of Zeus). "oneboat" was promoted from 9D to Betting God, but in the end he came back to the human 9D.
          I chose to post the third game of the match, in which the strong Chinese player desperately tried to kill a big black group.
         "boss(P)" won more than 6 billions after these 4 games ( he had 30 000 000 961 T-points when the match started) and he is now closer to the next God title (which we still don't know who is).

                                        "boss(P)" 9D, Korea : 785 - 603 (36391 p)
                                        10 - 1 last games
                                        36 500 000 401 T-points!!  God Hades

                                       "oneboat" 9D, China : 51 - 24 (36472 p)
                                       1 000 182 995 T-points  9D


2011-10-03 05:10
today twina reached god zeus level (52 billion t-points). it seems that over 50 billion t-point is last level god zeus (NOsalt has more tha 100 billion and is still zeus). where is athena i dont know probably bettween 40 and 50 ...
( US ) 2011-08-21 09:08
The list of people with most T-points can be found at:
Heading the list is NOsalt with more than 100 billion points. He is God Zeus. At fourth place is taigeili who is God Athena.
(apparently Tygem added more Gods above Demeter recently so the names on that page is a bit outdated).
2011-08-10 05:08
what are t-points used for anyway?
2011-08-10 11:08
I saw a guy with 80,000,000,000 a while back. His did say God Zeus.

I can't remember what the screen name was, sorry.
3d ( VN ) 2011-08-09 06:08
I once saw a player with 60 billion T-points, that's "twina", but now he seems to be lost all his points. By the way, he was depicted as God Zeus, armed with a mask and a lighting rod, also the splashing light.
2011-08-08 01:08
i remember one of the most exciting players called "attractive" (seems he's deleted his account though...) had over 40 billion points with the same glowing icon. sadly i can't remember the name
18k 2011-08-08 03:08
I witnessed a while back idontca1 having 50 billion T-points, but I do not remember the details very well. It may have been God Athene, and the icon was a glowing floating white angel.

On the other note, some observers, again some time ago, called oneboat Gu Li.

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