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2011-08-22 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  6 ratings

A peaceful game ended completely unexpected : "3586" vs. "HWATA1"

         I am not the only one who regrets that "3586" (supposed to be Kobayashi Koichi) has not attended  the King of Kings tournament. The good thing is that, unlike other mysterious players who created new accounts just for the King of Kings and then disappeared, "3586" continues to play regularly.
        He has his hours, sometime between 7 and 9 a.m. (Japan time), so we can imagine this is like a ritual of the mind gymnastics in the morning. Today he won all the games except one. It may seem a little unfair from me to post this very game, but the reason is that the result is very unusual, even shocking by the number of moves, after seeing a peaceful opening development and a classic territorial contest. Suddenly, white wanted to kill a black group and something went wrong, but no one expected him to resign so soon, after only 67 moves!
         Another bitter consequence of this uncommon knockout is that it did not allowed "3586" to pass the border of 40,000 rating points he is so near. Let's take it as an accident happened during the morning setting up exercises. It can happen to anybody. Perhaps you still remember when "detective" (supposed to be Iyama Yuta, the new Japanese superstar) lost, in April , in 39 moves against "xiabscheng" :
        " HWATA1" was recently promoted to  9D rank and has decent results at this level so far. His style is not at all wild and I would not be surprised if this game will remain forever the shortest win of his career as 9D. Just for the record, he played the previous game also against "3586" and lost it.

                                "3586" 9D (Kobayashi Koichi, 9P) Japan : 1711 - 785 (39987 p)
                                8 - 2 last games

                               "HWATA1" 9D, Korea : 134 - 74 (35784 p)
                               5 - 5 as 9D


2011-08-23 11:08
White 38 is strange. This Black group is hard to attack. I would prefer to invade Black moyo on the top instead of W 38

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