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2012-01-20 Expert: DanielTom Rate: (5)  4 ratings

'Sallstars' 9D vs. 'chuyangch' 9D: another interesting Fuseki by Gan Siyang

chuyangch is Gan Siyang 4-dan pro, one of the most exciting and stimulating players to watch play online. He is often playing very unusual fusekis that focus primarily on influence and the center. In real-life tournaments he also plays that way (even against top players such as Lee Changho and Gu Li, and their games usually end up pretty close!).

His trademark is playing two 6-4 in diagonal corners, and then play at Tengen.

Recently he has been trying out many times the opening that you can see in the game above (O10 instead of Q10 used to be Gan's favorite opening, but now he is experimenting with new ideas). The result up to B41 for Black would make Takemiya Masaki proud, I guess. However, I believe that most professionals would prefer to take White, and by watching this game you can see the correct way to deal with large moyos in the opening.

W42 (D5) is a good move. Most players would be tempted to start reducing Black's moyo right away (with a play near the center), but that is not considered to be the best way of playing. First White should play in the biggest area, and note that his move (shimari) is high, which already helps to reduce Black's potential.

Similarly, Black 43 is also played high because they are playing a moyo game (it is a special case move). White's answer (keima) was very nice, and after W48 the left side was becoming huge, so Black decided to invade and a big fight started.

The way White dealt with Black's moyo was impressive (in the end it became so small), so I think Sallstars must be a Japanese pro. White's endgame was also good, and eventually Black was forced to resign (the final ko was his last hope, but he was a few points behind anyway).

If you like to play for influence and you are not afraid of fighting, but are tired of watching Takemiya Masaki's games ("Sacrilege!"), consider coming to Tygem to see Gan Siyang (chuyangch) play. I am sure you will have fun as his games are always very exciting!


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